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Author : Leo Oshadhi

1. Hello Pahan, how has this Leoistic year been so far, since the end of your year?

I think they took a fresh, good start together with the new clubs and experienced old clubs. I believe that the current district council always want to do something extraordinary and classy. They've got the potential and have proved it already by the activities conducted so far. Following are a few examples; The District Council Workshop, Installation Ceremony, District Directory. Also there is a huge bond built-up between the clubs and the members already, which is a plus point for the district and its future activities. I see most of our clubs working beyond the traditional outline doing many innovative projects which is absolutely marvelous.

2. What are the aims and objectives you hoped to achieve during your year?

Well I think this revolution started since our PDP Leo Amodh’s year (2014/2015). We brought down the District Council Membership to nearly 25 members, changed the reporting systems etc. In 2014/2015 we took the initiative but actually we've got a lot more to work on. I think the previous Leoistic year was the turning point of the relationship between our Lions and Leos. I’m saying so due to the tremendous assistance provided to us by each and every Lion of 306 C2 and our Governors. With their help and support, we were able to initiate 8 brand new Leo Clubs to the District and the best thing is 7 out of 8 Leo clubs are School based Alpha Leo Clubs.

As a District we had a few challenges to face during the last year. That is to motivate and encourage Leo clubs to register their full membership in the My LCI which would increase the District My LCI membership, create leaders for the upcoming years, start the District fellowship night to strengthen the bond between past and present Leos, to have an amazing District Conference and especially to build unity among our clubs and its members. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to have numerous targets to achieve in just a year, what we've got to do is, have a few objectives and chase them well.

3. Do you think you were able to achieve them?

As the IPDP I don’t think we had a 100% successful leoistic year, every year there are achievements and failures. Failures teach us lessons. But yeah, I believe we achieved most of our targets. We, Leo District 306c2 received the 'Top Ten Leo Club Extension Award” in the World for extending 8 new Leo Clubs to the district and it’s the highest number of extensions done by a Leo District, last year. In MyLCI, we were able to increase the membership up to 720 at the end of the year. Ultimately, due to the commitment and dedication of all the council officers and club officers we had a chance to do the grand finale in style. We successfully reached One Million milestone for the very first time in history.

4. If you were to sum up your DP year in a few sentences, what would they be?

It was one hectic, stressful year with lots of happiness and memories made. I experienced a lot of things, met new people and achieved set targets. Summing up, it was one crazy ride.

5. If I were to ask you who your biggest idol is, in Leoism, who would it be and why?

To be very honest, I never had a Leo idol in my life. But I really appreciate and is thankful to each and every PDP of our District for the uplifting, great effort exerted to bring our district to where it is today.

6. Tell us a bit about your history in the Leo movement.. Why you joined? And how long have you been a leo?

I joined the Leo movement in 2006 as a member of my school Leo club, Leo club of Mahanama College. In 2007, I became a club editor, then a Director, Asst Secretary, Secretary and finally in 2010, the Club President of Leo Club of Mahanama College. At the end of this particular Leoistic year, we were ranked as the Most Outstanding Leo Club, Runner-up in the District Conference and I became the most outstanding Leo Club President, Runner-up. But the most valuable Award that we received was the “Most Outstanding School Leo Club in Sri Lanka” for the very first time. That legacy is still being continued by the Leos of Mahanama. After Two years, we reactivated The Leo Club of Colombo Knights. This particular year, i was the charter Vice President of the club, District Secretary of 306c2 and was awarded as the “Leo of the Year” of District 306 C2, Sri Lanka. Afterwards, I became the District Contest, District Vice President in 2014/2015 and finally the District President in 2015/2016. And now, here I am, as the Immediate Past District President.

When I joined, I had no idea about the Leo movement but step by step, through years, I learnt what it's about. I've been a part of it, for good 10 years now.

7. Tell us about the most unforgettable moment/experience you have encountered as a Leo so far

Every day in Leoism is unforgettable. But there are key memories in my life. First is becoming The President of Leo Club of Mahanama College, then The Leo of the Year and ultimately The District President. Those were the turning points, the memorable moments in Leoism.

8. Apart from Leoism, what are you engaged with at the moment, family, studies and career wise?

At the moment I’m giving my priority to my family, my career and I’m planning to start off my Masters soon.

9. How is the support you received from your family for your Leo career so far?

Honestly, I've received the maximum amount of support from them throughout and I’m extremely thankful for it!

10. How do you balance your time between these things?

It's quite tough actually but I guess I've set my priorities right. I have a very understanding family and a set of friends so all is well.

11. What do you do during your free time?

Hang out with my friends, watch movies and surf the net.

12. What is one big important thing you have learned by being a Leo?

The most valuable thing I've learnt from Leoism is to work with people with different ideas and opinions as a team. To respect each person's ideas knowing that people are different, to believe in people and to help when one is in need.

13. What are you future plans in Leosim?

Not many future plans in Leoism but I would like to extend my fullest support to my district any time. What I believe is, interrupting an idea will affect its valuable outcome, therefore as seniors we have to let the next generation take decisions by themselves but advise them when needed.

14. What are your plans for life apart from Leoism?

To be an independent, successful person.

15. In conclusion, what message would you like to give the Leos of Sri Lanka?

To make Leoism a part of your life. It would definitely mould you to be a good, much stronger, experienced person who could face the future without any fear. Give more, expect less.

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